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The Education Consultancy Services

The Education Consultancy is one of the UK's leading education consultancies working with both private and corporate clients. Through the extensive experience in placing children into both nurseries and schools The Education Consultancy is able to offer a premium tailored service to settled families with requirements within the UK or looking to move to the UK.

There are two levels of service offered:

The first service is The Consultation which involves an advisory overview of the systems offered within the UK education market and creating an understanding of the strategy required to tackle the challenges for a family ahead in applying to schools and nurseries, as well as identifying viable options within the considered area. The purpose of The Consultation is that families are fully informed of the systems and their options, so they are able to proceed with applying to schools and nurseries with a future strategy in mind. This service is often used by pregnant mothers or for families in the UK or abroad to identify specific schools and nurseries which fit their individual requirements.

The second service is The Full Search. The Full Search encompasses a hand-holding service whereby the family will be given a comprehensive understanding of the systems on offer, then a strategy will be created which is tailored to the family's requirements, followed by assistance in identifying viable options and completing the application and placement of the pupil. This is an end to end service including advisory support from one of the country's leading education consultants.

To summarise this consultancy covers:

  • Accurate consultancy about different systems of schools and curriculums (British independent, state schools and international schools).
  • Identification of particular schools with potential places, with a tiered strategy according to the student's academic and linguistic ability.
  • Accurate and thorough guidance on the academic and pastoral quality of each school.
  • Contacting schools with regard to availability and arranging visits and tours where necessary.
  • Guidance on the entire application process.
  • Arranging and advising on testing at schools where required.
  • Recommendations for high quality personal tuition on all subjects, including English language.

Families benefit from the extensive knowledge and relationships developed by The Education Consultancy with many of the leading schools in the UK making this a premium experience and delivering the service to match.